Posted by: Editor | September 14, 2011

From Keyboard to Candidate

From Keyboard to Candidate

– An open letter to Esquimalt residents

By Tim Morrison

Dear neighbours,

As Esquimalt grows closer to its 100th birthday centennial celebrations, it is fitting that today marks my 100thblog post for It was almost exactly two years ago that Esquimalt Review was first launched.  It has been an amazing journey. I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know so many wonderful people within our community and to help share their stories through a variety of Esquimalt Review articles, profiles, and event coverage. It has been very enlightening, engaging and reassuring to learn so much about our place and our people. 

Tim Morrison: From Keyboard to Candidate

Life is about transitions and about taking on new challenges. I have decided that this will be my final Esquimalt Review blog post. I am going from keyboard to candidate. I am seeking a seat on Esquimalt Council in this fall’s upcoming municipal elections.

As residents of Esquimalt, we choose to live here because we value our community, our people, and our place. We are all fortunate to live in this ‘place of the shoaling waters’, a cherished setting that we call our home. We are one family related by our residence. We care deeply for each other and how our community is governed. We want to ensure our community is carefully managed. We want a positive vision that respects our tradition and embraces our future.

While I will no longer be publishing further editions of Esquimalt Review, I believe there will be a need for our municipality’s new council to greatly improve communications with the community. If I am entrusted by Esquimalt voters and successful in becoming a councillor, then my main focus will be to keep the community connected, informed, and involved through a renewed version of It will be a councillor’s communication with community.  In the meantime, please accept this final edition with many new posts and articles below for you to enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about my candidacy, please check out my new website at

Let’s move forward together,

Tim Morrison

New website:



  1. Great job. Keep up the good work….Gloria Mc

  2. Will miss yr blogs very much Tim – CONGRATULATIONS ON YR DECISION..

  3. Tim, Thanks for your two years of keeping us informed with the Esquimalt Review.

    I think that you would make a great Esquimalt Councillor. You have a solid track record in Esquimalt being active at council, getting involved, listening, and pitching in on committees, associations and community events.

    Good luck in the race for Council!

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