Posted by: Editor | June 10, 2011

Mayor’s Monthly Musing for June, 2011

Are prospective homebuyers giving Esquimalt enough consideration? If not, are we doing enough as Esquimalt residents to spread the many positive aspects of living in Esquimalt? This month, Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins reports on Esquimalt’s efforts to revitalize itself and to attract new residents to our very special corner of the world.

Mayor’s Monthly Musings by Barb Desjardins

Honk if you love Esquimalt!

Mayor Barb Desjardins

In the past month, we have seen the landscape in Esquimalt change more than in the last three years. It is exciting to see the Carlton Place development break ground, the Admirals townhouses rising, and the Craigflower and Tillicum townhouses framed and taking shape. Does this mean the economy is improving? My sources in the engineering world often speak of housing development starts as a positive indicator for the economic climate. If this is so, in Esquimalt, we are moving in the right direction.

However, there are those doubters I still hear from that say that the housing projects that have recently been completed are “not sold” (this is my term, the naysayers say they are “empty”). Local real estate is still a fragile and a buyers market. People have choices, so why Esquimalt?

To the doubters, I would say: How are you helping your community? We proud Esquimalt people can play a role in the marketing of our community and filling those buildings with new Esquimalt residents who will become as fiercely, proud Esquimalt residents.

Toot your Esquimalt horn!

We must tell the world why we live here. We are the greatest ambassadors for our community.

Esquimalt is rich in services that many communities wish they could have. Our parks are within walking distance of any residence in Esquimalt. Our recreation facilities and library are known to be of the best within the region. Esquimalt is a safe, accessible, friendly community.

You are the ambassadors of Esquimalt. Toot your horn every time you talk to a visitor, or to other regional residents. Take a realtor to lunch, toot your horn.

Those buildings will fill up and the community will be enriched.

Toot your Esquimalt Horn!

Barb Desjardins

Mayor, Township of Esquimalt

(To provide input on this topic, email Mayor Desjardins at or post a comment on this blog).

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  1. I love the gardens in the middle of the roads –
    I love to live here in Esquimalt
    But I wish you guys would consider more height in new construction.
    The greenspaces we have are amazing – I think the only way
    we can keep them is to build up.
    Please re- consider – lets have a highrise in downtown Esquimalt – maybe the Legion
    would be a great place to start.

  2. Toot for Esquimalt. What about all the tooting Victoria will be doing to fill the Sewage
    Treatment Plant planned for Esquimalt?!
    I’m sure you are aware of all the wrong reasons for putting it in Esquimalt, but if it is
    built there, it will always make Esquimalt the ___hole of Victoria!

  3. Honk in the key of UGLY. But shes making good coin on taxes!!!

    The latest move was to vote in favor of changing the rules in order to destroy old growth and put two houses in a lot big enough for only one home.

    She’s NOT getting my vote again. THATS for sure. Not for her nor for Hundleby, Brame, OR Linge who all voted with Desjardins.

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