Posted by: Editor | June 5, 2011

Yo-ho-ho, and a Bundle of Fun!

Yo-ho-ho, and a Bundle of Fun!

– Buccaneer Days is a time to celebrate Esquimalt

By Tim Morrison

Arrr, Matey! Yo-ho-ho, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for Esquimalt to strut its stuff, to show off our community spirit to ourselves and visitors alike. No public event defines Esquimalt bigger, better and more fun than our legendary Buccaneer Days. It is one of those community-wide celebrations that has something for everyone, from our youngest kids to our most seasoned seniors and all of us that fall somewhere in between.

Taking place this upcoming weekend of June 10 to June 12, this has become our community’s tradition for kicking-off the start of summer. This year’s events include a seniors’ barbeque, pancake breakfast, parade, beer gardens, food fairs, various sporting events, children’s activities, craft fair, community dance, a free movie night and even a pie plate/sky diving contest just to name a bit of what will surely be remembered as fun, fun, and more fun.

For a full review of everything that is planned and a schedule of events, click this link: Esquimalt Buccaneer Days and start planning your participation in one of the most fun aspects about living in Esquimalt.

Esquimalt is great place to live. We are a seaside people with a strong affection for our maritime setting. We cherish our home. We celebrate our community. And, that is the whole point of Buccaneer Days! Check it out and discover (or rediscover) the treasure that is Esquimalt.



  1. The first year we were in our new home on Old Esquimalt Rd, we were woken up by some dude YELLING about eggs and bakey. What? The next year, we realized something was amiss but felt comfortable knowing the wakey wakey guy was not actually one of those crazies you read about in the TC and that he wasn’t going to break our door down and make us eat breakfast. Third year, we nodded at each other and said ” Oh, it’s just the wakey wakey get your eggs and bakey” guy again. Fourth year, we sat on the sidewalk and cheered the parade. Love the event, continue the good work and good luck with this year’s fun.

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