Posted by: Editor | April 13, 2011

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

– Let’s hear it for the volunteers!

By Tim Morrison  

Esquimalt Town Crier proclaims volunteer appreciation.

“Hear yea! Hear yea!  Esquimalt’s civic volunteers are being honoured!” proclaimed Esquimalt official Town Crier Redmond O’Colonies this week at a special event hosted by Mayor Barb Desjardins to celebrate the dozens of volunteers that contribute their time, professionalism, and community spirit towards the governance of our municipality. These are the citizens that advise Council on everything from our parks and recreation to emergency preparedness to community planning and development to Centennial celebrations to arts and culture and on the list goes.

We all want to feel good about ourselves, our lives, our contributions as well as enhance the lives of others. The best way to accomplish all of this good karma is volunteering. From children to seniors, everyone in Esquimalt volunteers. If you are not, your life is not whole.

Mayor Desjardins

“Why do we volunteer?” asked Mayor Desjardins to the gathered group. “To give back. Stay active. Meet people. Get experience, knowledge. Stop boredom. Stay young. Whatever the reason, we want you to continue to do it.”

When it comes to volunteering, our community is certainly on par with others in terms of the quantity and quality of people that contribute towards a better society. Our additional advantage is that we are a relatively small community, which means all of our volunteers have a better chance of interacting with just about everyone else in the community at one time or another.

“Communities cannot function without volunteers and Esquimalt is no exception,” declared the Mayor. “Volunteers take ownership of their community, they are engaged, they participate, and they respect and show interest in their community.”

The heart and soul of Esquimalt is volunteers. They are everywhere. Our schools, our service clubs, our churches, our sports, our arts, our Block Watch, and far too many more to list.

Esquimalt is truly a special place because of our volunteers.



  1. What a lovely lovely article and tribute to all those who volunteer – I’m positive they don’t do this for the accolades – but this is very heartwarming for all

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