Posted by: Editor | November 28, 2010

Follow the Centennial Brick Road…

Follow the Centennial Brick Road…

-Esquimalt residents invited to purchase inscribed memorial bricks.

As we prepare to say farewell to 2010, Esquimalt is already looking past 2011 and on to 2012 when our community will be celebrating its 100th birthday. Esquimalt residents are already quite active in busily preparing for the celebrations. One such volunteer, Bruce Devitt, provided an update this month to Esquimalt Council on the progress.

A 15-year resident of Esquimalt, Devitt is Vice-Chair of the Centennial Planning Committee and leading the charge on a very specific project to sell personally-inscribed individual bricks to as many Esquimalt community members as possible. The “memorial bricks” will be used to build an Esquimalt Centennial Walkway through Memorial Park.

Centennial Walkway bricks will build Esquimalt legacy.

“The centennial celebration is an excellent opportunity for every one – individuals, organizations and businesses, to recognize past accomplishments, to celebrate the good in our community today, and leave a legacy for tomorrow,” says Devitt. “The Centennial Walkway Project is a good example: it helps get people together to celebrate the 100 years and leave a legacy for tomorrow.”

“It will become a historic time capsule of our lives in this place we call home,” adds Devitt. “I encourage everyone to buy a brick and get one today. We need to start early so we will have them on hand to build in 2012. Future generations will also be able to add their story. Located in Memorial Park, a designated heritage site, it should survive the years to come.”

Devitt, who also chaired the Esquimalt Recreation Center Revitalization project, is no stranger to community service. He also knows that many others in Esquimalt care deeply about the community and is hoping to sell 1200 bricks, or 100 bricks per month through 2011, in time for the walkway construction to begin in early 2012 with completion by mid-August, 2012.

Brick application forms can be picked up at Esquimalt Municipal Hall, 1229 Esquimalt Road, and the Recreation Centre, 527 Fraser Street. The cost is $100 for a 4”x8” small inscribed brick with three lines of 18 characters per line or $200 to have a large 8”x8” brick with four lines of 18 characters per line.

For more information, click here or download the application form to purchase a brick by clicking here.

The Centennial Walkway in Memorial Park is one of three legacy projects. The other two are a Centennial School Art Scholarship and a Centennial Book being prepared for publication by former Esquimalt archivist Sherri Robinson. Check out the many other Esquimalt Centennial plans, events, and activities by visiting  

Esquimalt is a special place. Turning 100 is a special time. We all share an obligation to make it even more special by becoming personally involved.



  1. The centennial walkway project is the largest legacy project to date for Esquimalt’s 100 year celebration. I encourage everyone to participate not only to have your “name in the walk of fame” for Esquimalt, but to express your love of our community. We want this to be substantial! Great Christmas or birthday gifts!
    Please participate!

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