Posted by: Editor | October 11, 2010

Mayor’s Monthly Musings for October, 2010

Back to the Future!


Esquimalt’s future centennial celebrations of our community’s rich heritage and history are fast approaching. In September, 2012, Esquimalt will reach 100 years old and Mayor Barb Desjardins is already promoting the milestone event at every opportunity. In this month’s mayoral report, Desjardins provides an update on the centennial planning progress and encourages residents to become involved.


Mayor’s Monthly Musing for October, 2010: Remember 2012 !!!!

-By Mayor Barb Desjardins


Mayor Barb Desjardins

Esquimalt centennial is coming quickly. A core group of volunteers have been working hard since early 2009 and much has been accomplished. We have a website which can be accessed through the municipal website under culture and heritage, or google Esquimalt’s Centennial Celebration. Go to


We are looking for corporate sponsorships, ideas, celebrations, and volunteers! 

We have a major centennial project underway in the development of a walkway within Memorial Park. Please check out the posters around town, go to the websites. Purchase your engraved paving stone in memory of someone or for your own part in Esquimalt history.


There are many special events being planned. These are over and above the many regular events of the year which we hope will be celebrated with a centennial flare. We are planning a special Esquimalt beer, tea and coffee for the year. A major Town Crier event will occur in Esquimalt in 2012 and we are looking for assistance in this event. There is planning for a dinner event in September, and a ‘pioneer tea’.


Has your association, community group; neighborhood association started planning their special centennial event?


What other activities do you want to see? What will you do for this significant milestone in our history?


Do not miss out! Be a part! Get excited! Remember 2012? It’s coming fast!

Barb Desjardins is the Mayor of Esquimalt. Email Mayor Desjardins at:  



  1. Dear Ms. Desjardin
    I appreciate the milestone of Esquimalt becoming 100 years old, is worth mention. But in comparison to the immediate crisis facing Esquimalt, of the use of McLaughin Point for a sewage treatment plant, in my mind makes any talk of centenial celebrations, a complete waste of time!
    To allow such a pristine piece of waterfront from becoming the jewel of Esquimalt, under your tenure, is deffinately not the way anyone would want to be remembered.
    No one is going to say; “You know Barb Desjardin was Mayor when Esquimalt turned 100!”
    I can’t understand how something as stupid as putting a sewage treatment plant on Mclaughin Point, could have possibly got this far.
    Please let me know how I can add my voice to the protest of such a waste of valuable waterfront.
    Sincerely yours,
    Kim Cooper

    • Kim:
      I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the potential of McLoughlin being used for the region’s single sewage site. There are many ways that you can help and we need your voice! Go to the Esquimalt website or http://www.the for ways to help. Please send letters to the editor regarding your thoughts. Please connect with your friends from other parts of CRD to voice their concerns to their politicians. We need more support at the CRD table to make change occur. I would be pleased to speak to you directly should you want more information.

  2. Editor’s Note:

    Please note that the Mayor has written about the McLoughlin Point sewage treatment plant controversy in a previous Esquimalt Review mayoral report back in June. You can read that column at this link:

    Also, to the above responder, if you wish people to contact you, please indicate your email address rather than posting as “anonymous”.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Tim Morrison

  3. Thank you Mayor for your work on the anti sewage project.

    But what about the revitalizing of the Town square. it has been more than 3 years since this was started and their has been studies after studies Lets get on with this already and put a shovel in the grass and start building something. As you know this municipality is in need of a shot in the arm and this is possibly the best thing that can do it. We are waiting for action, 3 years is to long to wait.

    • The Esquimalt Village Project was before council again this past weekat our committee of the whole meeting. Although it is taking a lot longer than we would all want we continue to move forward. Please check out the Esquimalt website for more detail on when this will be back to council for the next decision level. I too want to celebrate and get a shovel into the ground!

  4. Thanks for your response Mayor. I get tired of looking at the web site and never seeing anything different in regards to the village plan. I am sorry that I can’t make the council meetings as I work evenings but what seems to be the hold up? The word on the street is, that we again have a council that is waiting for change instead of creating it. Please tell me I am wrong, and we’ll see some action soon.

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