Posted by: Editor | August 16, 2010

These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood: Chef Jamie Martineau continues a  featured series entitled “These are the People in Your Neighbourhood“. In this edition, the Esquimalt Review profiles Esquimalt’s favourite Chef and expert on all things cuisine. If you would like to contribute a community profile about an individual, group, organization, or business in Esquimalt, please send your ideas to

What’s Cooking in Esquimalt?

Chef Jamie Martineau

Meet Jamie Martineau, the Executive Chef and Food Service Manager at Esquimalt’s Gorge Vale Golf Club. Now living in West Saanich, Chef Jamie previously resided in Esquimalt about 12 years ago. He greatly enjoys working in Esquimalt and sees it as “a tight nit community with a military background…I see Esquimalt as a community that is undergoing a transformation while honoring its heritage.”

With his ancestral French background, Martineau has a natural flare for fine cuisine. He trained locally at Comosun College and went on to achieve Certified Chef De Cuisine status (Canadian equivalent of a Master Chef). He was one of the youngest Canadians to receive that honour. Originally hailing from Northern B.C., Martineau has lived and worked in various locales but feels there is nothing better than the Vancouver Island lifestyle.

So, how did Chef Jamie end up here in Esquimalt’s backyard? “I’ve worked at the Gorge Vale Golf Club for the past year and eight months. Working as a Sous Chef at prestigious golf courses in Victoria, I wanted to become an Executive Chef of a food service operation where I could use my knowledge and skills to train and lead my own kitchen brigade.”

Chef Jamie displays his buffet of delicacies.

And how is business these days at the golf club restaurant?

“Busy, business depends on the weather which has been excellent the past few months; the course has a reputation as being one of the premier courses on Vancouver Island,” says Chef Jamie. “Currently, I’m working on providing the best quality of food and service that our clients deserve. We are a food & beverage operation, specializing in large and small scale banquets and providing a full service restaurant as well as a snack bar for golfers.”

“Future plans for our restaurant are to get busier, hoping to attract the general public to enjoy our culinary creations,” adds Martineau.  “We have certain signature items on our menu that have become favorites; generally we provide Canadian cuisine at a fair price. We offer a special sheet every Friday and Saturday night.”  Mmmm…sounds delicious. Stop by, enjoy a bite and be sure to say hello to Chef Jamie and ask him about what he’s got cooking.

Some of Chef Jamie’s signature dishes:

For more information, check out the Gorge Vale Golf Course website at: or email Chef Jamie at


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