Posted by: Editor | July 1, 2010

Help Flush the CRD Sewage Treatment Plan Down the Toilet

Help Flush the CRD Sewage Treatment Plan Down the Toilet

– Esquimalt residents invited to express opposition to Sewage Treatment Plant plan

The grassroots community-based Sewage Treatment Action Group (STAG) urges all Esquimalt residents to attend this very important public meeting that dramatically affects the future of our community:

CRD Public Engagement on Sewage Treatment in Esquimalt
July 6 and July 8, 2010

3 pm to 8 pm, (Drop-in at your convenience)

Council Chambers, Esquimalt Municipal Hall, 1229 Esquimalt Road

Important Background Information

The centralized sewage treatment facility currently planned to be built in Esquimalt at McLoughlin point, will service the entire Capitol Region.  Sludge will then be transported (trucked?) to another facility.  The plan will add an additional $250-$500 every year to your tax bill, forever!  It is not the best possible plan for the Capitol Region, nor does it provide sufficient flexibility for the future.

Get involved now to minimize the financial impacts to every resident in Esquimalt and the Capitol Region.  Raise your voice to influence the CRD to implement readily available technology for resource recovery, and insist that negative environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Please attend the open house and let the CRD know what you think. 

Please Consider Communicating the Following Points to the CRD:

  • It’s unacceptable and disrespectful to be consulting with residents after the CRD has made its decision.
  • Esquimalt was only given 2 information sessions, whereas Saanich East and Oak Bay communities received 11 opportunities of direct consultation to voice their concerns with a Saanich East plant. 
  • The CRD has not sought ANY input from the public regarding this new plan for a single centralized treatment facility. 
  • Esquimalt residents do not consider the open houses on July 6 and July 8 to constitute adequate consultation.
  • The community and experts agree, McLoughlin Point is too small and inflexible for a single centralized liquid plant. 
  • Residents want resource recovery that will allow greater long-term cost savings and development of a revenue resource, but the current plan does not support this.
  • There is no guarantee that sludge will not be trucked through our community.
  • There is no fixed site and plan for biosolids processing so how can Esquimalt residents assess the impacts to our community and engage in mitigation and amenity discussions? 
  • This is the wrong plan for the region. 

 This information was prepared by the Sewage Treatment Action Group (STAG).



  1. As citizens we will have to be clear on what we want.
    The chair of CRD stated that Esquimalt was the logical choice. When we express our concern about McLoughlin being too small, then CRD will be ready to shelf the purchase of that property and again focus on Macaulay with the evidence that the citizens didn’t want to have the sewage treatment plant at McLoughlin.

    I want a system that is fair for everyone.
    (This means that what was proposed in Oak Bay-best technology for the Recovery is also what is needed in Esquimalt. A question that we can ask all the citizens in Victoria-what do you want in your backyard? CRD has spent 18 Million looking at the best…that is what I want.

    I want a system that includes a recovery process which gives our community an advantage for future benefits of harnessing energy and balances using our Community for Sewage Treatment with support from every citizen in CRD to value and acknowledge Esquimalt with funds and a Children’s Museum for our Town Village.

    I want a system that actually does consider the Triple bottom LINE

  2. How can I add my voice in opposition to this Mcloughlin Point Treatment Plant?

    Sincerely yours,
    Kim Cooper

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