Posted by: Editor | June 22, 2010

CRD’s Sewage Treatment Plan Should Be Flushed Down the Toilet

CRD’s Sewage Treatment Plan Should Be Flushed Down the Toilet

-Esquimalt residents expose  CRD sewage strategy as major slap in the face

Do you know about the Capital Regional District’s short-sighted plans to locate all of the CRD’s sewage treatment liquid waste management right here in Esquimalt, a plan that was put together without any community consultation with Esquimalt? Did you also know that the CRD would prefer to locate an additional bio-solids plant as close as possible to their planned sewage plant in Esquimalt? Be sure to read these two recent important articles from the Victoria Times Colonist:


Very reflective of community opposition to such a plan, Esquimalt resident and respected community leader Beth Burton-Krahn spoke with passion and vigour in her address to Esquimalt Council during public input on Monday evening as follows:

Madame Mayor and Council,

With regards to the recent about face by the CRD and their decision to implement a centralized sewage treatment plant on the miniscule rocky outcrop that is known as McCloughlin Point, I’d like to make the following suggestion:

Forget having conversations around amenities for our community, forget mitigation; it’s time for litigation.

Due to the undemocratic and unbalanced decision making process at the table of the CRD’s Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee, the representative for Esquimalt (Mayor Desjardins), with only one vote, but the highest stake in the entire sewage venture, is effectively persona non-grata in the minds of the CRD.  This has been the underlying problem with this project all along reaching back many, many years.

Once upon a time the plan was that the CRD would simply ask the Department of National Defense (DND) to divest their land at Macaulay Point so that the CRD could buy it and actualize their archaic plans for a centralized sewage treatment plant and bio-solids processing plant in what is essentially a residential neighbourhood.  You can imagine their surprise when DND said “No” to letting them have the land.  Desperation set in.

Now along side of this process you had an active group of Esquimalt residents who wanted to offer a possible solution to the CRD.  These residents formed the Sewage Treatment Action Group (STAG). STAG invited the CRD to examine and investigate McCloughlin Pt as part of a comprehensive, truly distributed sewage treatment system, using the latest technology and fully incorporating integrated resource management. 

A review of McCloughlin came back saying it was an unsuitable site for sewage treatment.  But this did not deter the CRD in any way.  They have decided to de facto replace Macaulay Pt with McCloughlin Pt and build a centralized plant: With one hitch, no site for bio-solids.  Now the CRD says it will pump solids to the Hartland landfill.  Don’t believe it!  You can bet they are looking at a site closer to McCloughlin Pt.  After four years, and $22 million spent on studies and consultations, we’re back to square one, a massive centralized plant in Esquimalt, using out-dated technology.  It’s time to put some teeth into our response to the CRD, it’s time for legal action.

Esquimalt community leader and Esquimalt Review contributor Beth Burton-Krahn served as the founding president of the Esquimalt Residents Association and remains heavily involved in a variety of Esquimalt volunteer activities.



  1. It’s summer and its sewage…Does ERA need to gather the troops to provide opportunity to develop a strategy for Action?

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