Posted by: Editor | April 11, 2010

People Power

People Power

-Esquimalt’s Volunteers recognized for their service

Esquimalt’s Mayor Barb Desjardins hosted an appreciation banquet this evening for the dozens of volunteers that serve on the municipality’s advisory committees. The Mayor described Esquimalt’s volunteers as “the heartbeat of the community.”  She emphasized that Esquimalt’s small-town appeal and vibrancy is a reflection of the immense involvement from Esquimalt’s citizens.

Whether through municipal governance, special events, schools, sports, churches, charities and service clubs, Esquimalt’s volunteers are the lifeblood that provide a labour of love to help us thrive as a community.

This year’s Esquimalt’s outstanding volunteer achievement award was given to Sherri Robinson for her service as Esquimalt’s official archivist. Mayor Desjardins also noted her appreciation for Robinson’s extensive work in conceiving and writing Esquimalt’s historic Walking Tours available at

Sherri Robinson: Esquimalt's Volunteer of the Year.

A fifth-generation Esquimalt resident considered to be the leading authority on the story of Esquimalt, Robinson is also a noted writer, storyteller, and historian.

Robinson is a prime example of the immense talent that exists within our community. We are a place, but we are also people. We are people that care, that cooperate, and that collaborate in maintaining our home of Esquimalt.

After all, it is the people of Esquimalt that make our community such a great place to live.

If you haven’t already, get out there and volunteer. You will be the better for it and the community will be better for it.

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