Posted by: Editor | November 1, 2009 Celebrates One Month Anniversary Celebrates One Month Anniversary with New Photo Gallery

Esquimalt marks its first month milestone as Esquimalt’s first and only online community newspaper.

During its first month of publication, has received 1,894 visits and has become the source for news, events, and opinion exclusively about Esquimalt. Starting today, readers can also enjoy a photo gallery section exclusively of Esquimalt.

Check out the new Esquimalt community photo gallery section at:

Do you have community photos of Esquimalt scenes, news, and events that you would like to share with your Esquimalt neighbours?

Then, is the place to post your photos. 

Email your photos, along with a brief description, to

One of the main reasons that we choose to live in Esquimalt is because of our natural setting of beauty and splendour. We are also a very active community with events taking place all the time. If you happen to photograph something special in Esquimalt, then send your photos to for publication.

The only rule is that it has to be a photo that takes place in Esquimalt.



  1. Way to go Maegan!
    London just opened a large roller blade park.
    to great enthusiasm from the youth.
    You probably have them?

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